2016 Toyota Corolla – Special Edition

Continuously produced since 1966 and now in its eleventh generation, the Corolla has not only become Toyota’s most popular product, but also the best-selling automotive nameplate in history. The model snatched that title from the Volkswagen Beetle back in 2013, with no less than 40 million Corollas manufactured up to then and plenty more since. With the 2015 Chicago Auto show right around the corner, Toyota decided to bring a number of limited-edition models to the event to accompany the refreshed Avalon, among which will be a Corolla Special Edition.

While Toyota hasn’t said what the special occasion is, the upcoming 50-year anniversary of the Corrolla nameplate makes sense. Based on the sporty Corolla S Plus trim level, the 2016 Corolla Special Edition will have a number of unique features as standard, most of which improve either comfort and functionality or add a slightly sportier flavor to the otherwise bland compact model.

The North American version of the eleventh-generation Corolla is less than two years old in 2015, but that hasn’t stopped Toyota Toyotafrom pushing it back into the public’s attention via the add-ons sported by the Special Edition. The model comes standard with a set of 17-inch, light-alloy wheels with a special design and a gloss black finish, while the only exterior colors available are Absolutely Red, Black Sand Pearl and Super White, all of them exclusive to the Special Edition.

Other than that, the same wide-mouth grille and somewhat angry headlights adorn the front end, giving the latest Corolla a much more aggressive overall look compared to any of its predecessors. The side profile isn’t particularly progressive though, featuring a subtle crease that acts as a character line and rises upward toward the rear. Speaking of which, the rear end is somewhat classic-looking, with a pair of taillights that are connected by a horizontal line on the trunk and various origami-like creases on each side of the bumper.

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