Disadvantages of tokunbo Toyota Highlander

First of all, “Tokunbo Cars” are used cars imported from abroad especially America or Europe into Nigeria. These are substitution for those who can’t afford brand new cars, some believe in American specifications because they are usually strong and fancifully built for their purpose. Meanwhile, tokunbo cars are not as cheap as many people expected. This mostly caused by high rate of clearing fees.

Toyota Highlander is one of many brand of vehicles brought into Nigeria in the recent years. In fact as a car dealer, I have sold more than 200 between 2013 to 2015. So far I have discovered a common fault which I and some of the customers Have experienced. This is I see as a big disadvantages which can cost a futune if it’s not properlly addressed, expecially to those care free drivers who are not observant about things sensitive in car.

1• Toyota Highlander gear runs on special oil which is “Type T-IV” this oil is scarce in Nigeria, you can only find it at Ladipo market in Lagos. It cost about 7-8000 naira and fake version are common than original. A wrong oil can spoil the gear which cost about #350,000 along with fixing completely.

2• Toyota Highlander Limited are the full option version which includes fou wheel drive transmition (4WD). The back Axel is the major prolem here, because the Axle oil needs to be changed after every five years. Most of this tokunbo Highlander has been packed for a while without servicing before shipping it down to Nigeria. This make dealers or final users the victim of this default if its not chcked before using. If the Axle got hooked, it will automatically comdem even the gear as a whole.

For more info, kindly email carfreakng@gmail.comIMG_20160125_143002


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